Brooke B.

After a rough experience with my five-year-old with fillings, we were recommended to Dr. Bond's office. We quickly made an appointment and were set up with Dr. Lorraine Lin. I CANNOT say enough good about her and her assistants!! Seriously so accommodating and helpful. My son was a nervous wreck after his initial experience elsewhere and just today (went in for MORE fillings...sigh) he went skipping on in with no fear or apprehensions. Aside from the comfort my son feels while there, the dental work is also top-notch. Having worked as a dental assistant myself, I sit there and watch everything they're doing and I'm very happy with their skills and thoroughness in getting the job done. We used nitrous oxide (laughing gas) the first time, to help ease nerves, and with that and a movie of his choice on the ceiling, we were good to go. Dr. Lin explains each step in a way that a child understands and isn't frightened. So impressed with her manner. I will happily recommend any to bring your children to Dr. Lin at this office.

Danielle B.

This had been the best decision I had made. I just feel guilty I didn't find them sooner. My son now can go to the dentist without freaking out. We went to a few different places and had bad experiences. But going here has been such a life-changer. I wish they took adults or I'd go myself.

Jessica W.

Dr. Lin is amazing. She did the work on my daughter's teeth and she needed a lot of work done. She did a great job of easing my worries on the day of the procedure and even called the same night to make sure everything was fine. My daughter's teeth look amazing you can't even tell they have been worked on and my daughter has not complained once about any type of pain. I definitely recommend her and this office.

Adilene M.

Very nice place Dr. Lin took care of my nervous 4-year-old very well. She recommended what work needed to be done and what was gonna cost me less. She was friendly and knowledgeable and I definitely rather keep my son here for future appointments. She did a procedure at the children's hospital my son had to be sedated. And she personally would call every day for a week to make sure I was ready or had any questions .. During the procedure she would make sure she addressed any concerns and made sure I understand what was being done showing me pictures and Xrays and after we got home she called to see how my son was feeling at 8 pm. She went above and beyond!!!

Kristin B.

We absolutely love this office!  The staff and dentists are very friendly and they always put my kids at ease.  My kids especially love that they get to watch a movie on the ceiling while they are getting their cleaning and exam.  So cool!